So, you have decided to move, and you will need a storage facility.

Moving itself is quite stressing and annoying. The whole job becomes even more complicated in the cases when you need a storage facility. You need to find a moving company that provides not only moving services, but storage units, too.

First, you have to decide what kind of storage facility you will require from your potential mover: Should it be  long term storage,  short term storage or an overnight one. Many moving companies provides great discount prices for students. So, if you are a student search for relocating companies that gives discounts for students.

Make a short list of movers providing storage facilities. Contact them and ask for a detailed information about the units. If it is possible for you, ask your mover if you can see in personal the storage facility prior booking. We offer you to pay attention at the following key aspects:

Storage facility security measures

Choosing a storage facility with good security is a top priority. You don’t want any of your precious items to be missing when you finally decide to get them back to your home. When you arrive at the storage facility, look for security cameras. Ask the supervisor to explain you what are taken safety measures.

Storage facility conditions

Look for the facility conditions. It is very important that your storage unit has an easy access. It will save you a lot of troubles during the whole loading and unloading process. Book a facility that is well maintained – climate-controlled, cleaned and lighted.

Before booking a storage unit, read some useful moving reviews of moving companies that have storage facilities. This will help you to find a storage facility that will meet your requirements. There are many websites – blogs and forums, that provides such services. Also, run a check if your storage provider is licensed and insured.