• Avoid working in a rush: It is said that haste makes waste. This applies when moving –make sure that you do not rush anything lest you cause damages on the furniture. As such, you should plan all the unloading steps well and avoid making hasty actions as such can lead to rookie damages on your expensive and lovely furniture.
  • Make use of the right moving equipment: Large furniture can be hard to lift. Make sure that you use the appropriate moving equipment; they will help you make the process of unloading your furniture quite easy and safe. You can talk to your mover to provide you with a moving trolley to help in moving the furniture. Such trolleys, especially the upright metal ones are ideal for the protection of your furniture. You can also invest in shoulder straps –they not only make moving furniture easy but also safe.
  • Disassemble your furniture to lower the weight: Unloading complete furniture can be as hard as it is unsafe. When unloading, it is important to reduce the weight of the furniture as much as possible for ease of movement. For example, remove shelves from drawers, bookcases, mattresses from beds, and pillows from the couches.

Moving with furniture is no doubt stressful and unloading them is hectic. However, if you prepare for the big move and hire an experienced mover, you are guaranteed that all your furniture will be unloaded safely without any damages occurring.

Most people who have moved before will tell you that moving to a new home especially over a long distance and with numerous items is quite hectic. One of the factors that make such moves challenging is when one has to move with large pieces of furniture. How do you ensure their safety during the loading and unloading process? Usually, it is advisable to have a checklist to track all your items. However, it does not have to be stressful to move. You can hire a trusted moving company to help you out. All you need to do is engage the services of a professional and experienced moving company. Nevertheless, here are reliable tips on how to unload furniture safely without damaging it.